At invictacvac we specialise in vacuum metallising achieved using the latest vacuum technology evaporating a film of metal onto various products under vacuum.
The finish produced is very similar in appearance to electroplating.

Plastics and metals can be coated with a thin coating of aluminium to create mirror like surfaces.
Items to be vacuum metallised are first coated with lacquer to cover minor scratches, minimize outgassing and allow good adhesion of the aluminium.The items are then placed in a vacuum chamber along with aluminium staples and the pressure in the chamber is reduced. The filaments are then heated and the aluminium evaporates. All the parts exposed receive a deposit of aluminium.
The parts are then removed and given a top coat of laquer to protect the metallised surface.The finished look is impressive, many different shades of lacquer can be used to give the impression of chrome, gold or coloured metallic finishes.

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